Thursday, January 15, 2009

In The Beginning

Hello and welcome to Global Ed Blog. This blog is coming to you thanks to the generosity of a mini-grant funded through Lower Moreland Township School District. Through the remainder of this school year, students and teachers from Lower Moreland, the country, and the world will have a forum to share information and learn from others about what's happening in schools today around the world. A little about us - my name is Ellen Zschunke and I am a first grade teacher here at Pine Road Elementary School. My first graders and I are very excited to learn more about education and customs around the world. We're sure we'll find lots of similarities and probably a few differences as well. This blog will be a safe spot to share this type of information. For the most part, teachers and parents (if students are home schooled or otherwise educated) of younger students in the early elementary grades (K-3) are invited to participate. When looking at all of our setting options here at "Global Ed Blog" I discovered that 100 authors can be invited to participate and post. Comments will be moderated by myself and I hope that we can really have a snowball effect. Emails have already been sent to solicit the input of other educators and more contact will be made in the coming days to invite others to become a part of our community. We look forward to all that we will learn and share. This site has the capability to share text postings, pictures, video, and voice. With that in mind, we also look forward to interacting in new ways with technology. Welcome to Web 2.0!

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