Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Brainstorm

This afternoon, we brainstormed some questions that we'd like to ask students and teachers from schools around the world. We also decided how we'd like to share this information about ourselves on our blog. Each week, we'll post a different topic for another school to respond to, either as a comment, or in a post that they create as another author of the blog. If you have ideas for other topics we might learn about other schools, please post them as comments to this post. Thanks for your thoughts!

What do you wear to school? (pictures, link to store, poll of favorite store)
What are you learning about? (type words)
What do you do after school? (poll)
What language do you speak? (type words and podcast the word hello)
What do you eat for lunch at your school? (video)
Are you allowed to go home to eat lunch?
What does it look like when you write? (pictures)
What are some of the rules at your school? (type words)
What time does your school start and end? (clocks)

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